No right or wrong way to visit Cuba

As you are only in Cuba for a brief period, we ensure you see and do as much as possible at a comfortable pace. You experience the best of authentic Cuban life and culture when Cuba Explorer assists.

Many ways to experience Cuba, and we are here to help

Cuban woman riding horse.
Plenty of action in the countryside or city.

Independent versus group travel? That’s a tired debate. Both are great, as are all options in between. Hosted boutique adventures, private custom tours, attention to solo and female travelers, and people who want total freedom. We’ve got something for every traveler’s preferences.

We design itineraries for every type of explorer. We arrange amazing activities, accommodations, meals, transportation, and guide services, that if purchased separately would cost many times more. However, if you just need a little help, we are pleased to assist.

You are not a tourist. You are our special guest.

Cuban woman at beach kiosk.
Cuban woman staffs beach kiosk.

We help Americans witness Cuba in many ways. We want you to come to Cuba – by any method you desire. If we can pitch in and provide support, you’ll make us happy. Cuba’s primary source of income is visitors from abroad. We do all we can to make more friends for Cuba. We do not suffer from over-tourism plaguing popular destinations like London, Paris, and Barcelona. On our island, you are a fabulous exception.

Hosted boutique adventures. Our selection of small group public tours has been refined over two decades to include what Americans love so much about Cuba. These are activity and experience-rich trips open to all. You can choose from a weekend in Havana to an eight-day excursion across western Cuba. Some programs are focused on arts and culture, while others lean towards history and nature. Several trips mix both themes so you can enjoy and learn everything about Cuba. Our boutique adventures are priced so regular Americans can participate, without sacrificing quality of services or amenities. You’ll be one of an elite party of ten or fewer explorers.

Solo guests and female adventurers. We do not use the argument “there is safety in numbers” because it is nearly impossible to get in trouble or harmed in Cuba. We do, however, claim that joining a boutique adventures promises security, fun, and companionship during your stay. You’ll never be lonely. Shared insights and outlooks make for lasting impressions, memories, and new friends.

Private custom tours. The biggest portion of our work in Cuba consists of tailored travel arrangements for families, friends, schools, and organizations. Private custom Cuba trips can be for one person or dozens of guests. You pick and choose what you want to do and see. We make it happen based on your budget requirements.

Independent travelers. All you need to travel is you. But sometimes a little help comes in handy. If you face a roadblock when planning your independent stay, we’re glad to lend a hand. We have an exclusive portfolio of private excursions on Cuban history, culture, architecture, nature, art, and religion. We’d love to share them with you.

We open doors to a world of Cuba adventures + big savings

Painted street actor in Havana.
Golden pantomime in Old Havana.

Cuba Explorer enjoys unparalleled good relations with Cuban hoteliers, restaurants, and engaging experience providers. We proudly pass our savings on to you because we are part of Cuba’s social fabric. Just as important is our professional Cuban staff and colleagues ensure everything is perfect during your tour.

Cuba travel can be perplexing. Things in Cuba change constantly, and guidebooks are out of date before they hit the bookstores. Our full-time staff in Havana are on top of what’s possible and what is not. When traveling with Cuba Explorer, you enjoy not just a slice of Cuban life, but the whole pie.

We develop our tours together with the most prestigious Cuban organizations, personalities, and institutions. Our Cuban staff and partners are prompt, reliable, and they cheerfully deliver. You’ll not be disappointed.

Local guides provide insights into Cuba’s enigmatic culture

Cuba Explorer tour guides.
Our guides. Effusive charm, endless energy.

Our multilingual Cuban guides are upbeat university graduates and youthful professionals. They have a broad historical understanding of their country. They love their work and the opportunity to engage with our American guests who they consider long lost cousins. Like all Cubans, they are so happy Americans and Cubans have reconnected after so many years of political isolation.

Candid fun Cuban companions. Our guides value humor, merrymaking, and spontaneity while maintaining a comfortable stride. They’re always eager to answer challenging questions. They appreciate candor. It makes their work more rewarding. You are never alone in Cuba. We guarantee your Cuba guide will become your new best friend.

Flexible wall-to-wall fun from sunrise to sleep + legal

Young Cuban baseball player.
Peewee league player in Havana.

We forgot to say our tours are totally legal for Americans even after some minor restrictions imposed by Trump.

Most people find our group activities a blast. But let’s say the pace becomes too much, or you made a new Cuban friend and want to spend time with them. Perhaps you discovered something along the way that piques your interest and you want to check it out. No problem.

While our itineraries are action-packed, you still have ample free time to explore on your own. If you’re shy, our outgoing Cuban guides and staff make sure you are comfortable and included in everything. Just as do your kind-hearted fellow American travelers.

Should a problem occur, we’re there for you round the clock, on the spot. Our all-Cuban team provides full-time support in Cuba, and from the United States, before, during, and after travel.

Still not sure? We’d love to discuss your Cuba travel ideas with you. Call us toll free at 1-888-965-5647 or email us.